Things I have learned from the Food Channel

ted | food | Saturday, May 6th, 2006

We watch the Food Channel as the default channel, so it’s on a whole lot.

A & P was the first chain grocery store in the US.
Piggly Wiggly (aka Hoggly Woggly) was the first self-serve grocery store and opened in Memphis TN.
One Rachael Ray show per day is too much. The four in a row last night were way too much.
Alton Brown should lay off the cutesy schtick once in a while and stick to science.
We miss Iron Chef.
Iron Chef America is one of the worst shows ever.
Bobby Flay is still a supreme asshole and cooks the same damn thing over and over.
Mark Summers, OCD master of Double Dare fame, is clearly a robot leased to the Food Network.

If only Rick Bayless was on PBS as much. Selah.

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  1. Nice, my aunt and uncle were hardcore food channel addicts for years when they owned their restaurants.

    Now do you know what A&P stands for? And that I passed an 8th grade math test I shouldn’t have because our teacher would give us random +25% bonus trivia questions, one of which was “What does the A and P in A & P stand for?” Apparently he worked there as a stock boy in his youth and used the question every year.

    Comment by ninjabong — 2006 May 02 @ 02:02:45 -0600

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