Float a keg for Jesus!

ted | beer | Thursday, December 8th, 2005

Always a bittersweet moment when that keg finally runs dry… i remember riding my motorcycle to a party in Home Park in the rain (back when we lived at the Fort) just in time to get three beers out of the last keg before it was floated. Sad, but a fine sense of accomplishment at the same time.

The cider turned out dry, delicious, alcohol-packed and just enough effervescence. I drank it all over the course of three weeks, altho the lion’s share was walking bird day and the day after. And now it is all gone, sadly, but now i have an empty keg to put mead in.

Other than that, still unsure about xmas plans. Dunno if i’ll be able to schedule the time off to go down georgia way. It’s a first come, first served calendar at work, but we’ll see.

New Year’s, however, is 99% done – The Girl and i are joining Scott Action & Leighanthrax, Andy & Fawn and Pete & Jane at Chef Shangri-La for a pig roast buffet and gettin twisted on polynesian cocktails. While it is a bit bothersome that neither of us are in Mexican Cheerleader, we’re totally lookin forward to it. Most of my NYE shitz have consisted of either staying at home and drinking heavily or going to shows and drinking heavily. This should be a nice change. Plus, y’know, pig roast

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