pithy octember update

ted | beer | Monday, October 31st, 2005

Yes, i know it is damn near the end of Octember and it has been 1.5 months. Shut up. In lieu of any real content, a list:

  • Big shoutout to my nigga Mike Storey, who has recently gotten back in touch with me after some years.
  • Nother big shoutout to my nigga Raymond for putting up with my dumb ass
  • Moved into the world of kegging homebrew instead of bottling it. This so far has 5 gallons of ale currently kegged and another 5 gallons of cider happily bubbling away in the plastic carboy. Prolly gonna get a glass carboy as well and hit up a second fermentation for the cider in there.
  • Ditched the splat due to far too much $ for minutes used. Currently rocking tmo’s prepaid, which has waaaay better coverage where i need it. Note to wireless companies: i could not care if you have coverage in bumblefuck, montana, unless i am in that location. Also note that giving incentives to new customers instead of existing customers is a good way to constantly lose customers

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