As the snow flies…

ted | chicago | Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

I sort-of like shoveling snow. Sorta. However on this cold and grey Chicago morning, I can’t say I do.

According to the WGN Weather “Blog”, we’ve already received a normal winter”s full snowfall… and we typically get 60% of our snow after January 13th. We may be in for another record-setting year of snow.

Though it is not even mid-January, the city has already surpassed the 124 year long-term
seasonal snow average of 36.6 inches with 37.9 inches on the books. Typically 60 percent
of the season’s snow is yet to fall, so the city could be looking at its second straight
60 inch-plus snow season.

Fortunately we are getting a break from the snow… in order to get some hard cold weather. Wind chills today of down to -40. Actual air temperatures tomorrow will get up to a balmy -18C (-1F) and we’re expected to have a solid 60-hour streak of subzero temperatures. The last time Chicago had a day which didn’t officially break into nonzero positive interger degrees Foreignheit was back in 1996.

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