But baby, it’s cold outside

ted | chicago | Sunday, December 21st, 2008

No, really.

but baby, it's cold outside

This seem inordinantely cold for this early in December. Going into mid-January? Sure. Early February, absolutely. But now? Brrrr.

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  1. Whenever the Midwest had their storm, sometime before Christmas or so, the Japanese evening news had some video of cars sliding around the Chicago interstate. They had pictures of cars flipped over, cars doing 360s, 270s, 957-WALL!s, etc.

    Japan is an island, with a bunch of mountains running through the middle of it. The wind comes out of Siberia and slams up against the mountains, which makes the Japan Sea side of Japan cold in the winter. The Pacific Ocean side, where I live, isnt quite as bad. The temperature hasnt dropped below freezing during the day yet, and it hasnt dropped below -1 Celsius at night yet. I hear it doesnt really snow here. The nearest big city, Nagoya is at about Latitude N 35.11 or so, which is about the same as Charlotte NC.

    Comment by mikex0r — 2008 Dec 50 @ 21:50:57 -0600

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