ted | bike,chicago,driving | Thursday, September 11th, 2008

I had to triple-check my spelling, lest I had swapped the D & R (link definitely NSFW). Honestly, no idea what’s going on with that as of yet, I was busy having a plain ol’ collision yesterday. Got hit by a Chevy HHR on the way home. Yes, I was on my bicycle. Aside from fresh road rash and some serious bruising, I think I’m OK.

I don’t recall what happened at all – I was riding down Kedzie Avenue, going down the hill in front of the Nabisco bakery and the next thing I know, I’m in an ambulance, signing the waiver so I can go home directly.

The cops on the scene were nice enough to give me a ride home (and they apologized for the uncomfortable hard plastic back seat) and I went straight on to the shower where I spent a good long while brushing asphalt out of my wounds. So far I think I’m OK, just some abrasions and a busted-up bicycle, but should any problems begin to appear I’ll be heading directly to the ER to get checked out.


Everybody in a car, please look twice. I’m tired of this happening.


  1. Ha ha ha ha: no shit, it was an HHR? Why can’t you get hit by a Lambourghini or a classic Plymouth Roadrunner?

    Comment by Hazmat Hammel — 2008 Sep 51 @ 05:51:54 -0600

  2. So far, I’ve been hit by a Chevy Prism, a Mitsubishi Montero and now a Chevy HHR. I’ve walked away from all three – part of which I chalk up to these being shitty, poorly-built cars. Having a cushioning layer of fat and shoulder hair also helps.

    But yeah, a fuckin’ HHR. A work-equipped HHR for an elevator-repair business, to boot.

    And I did go to the ER – and got 12+ X-rays and a CT scan of my head. And my GP. And an orthopedist week after next. And back to my GP after that.

    Comment by ted — 2008 Sep 42 @ 20:42:37 -0600

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