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ted | bike | Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

Memorial Day weekend caught me a bit off guard, not in the OH HEY IT’S A 3 DAY WEEKEND WOOOOO KEGGER sense but more in the WHOA I CAN GET A LOT MORE DONE IF I DON’T HAVE TO GO TO WORK ON MONDAY sense. A fine line, true, but one i’m walking. So what /did/ i get done? GENTLEMEN! A LIST:

  • drank beer
  • worked on bicycles
  • cleaned up the house
  • sleeped late
  • drank beer
  • went to the bike store for parts
  • drank beer
  • lied about in the sun
  • drank beer
  • grilled meat, drank beer
  • cooked bacon, drank beer
  • drank beer

god, it was beautiful.

I affixed rear racks to both my lady’s velocipede and mine. The steamroller project is almost done, praise jeebus. It now lacks a seatpost & rear hub that doesn’t slip and god damn if that piece won’t be rideable again. Looking forward to it as well as my next project: a fixed gear. That steel road bike frame my brother gave me ain’t gonna build itself. Still drooling over a Surly 1×1 frame. If you’re lookin to buy me one, i’ll take an extra large frame in Johnny Cash black. I’m gettin a year older in August and hitched in September, so act fast. Ted needs more bikes.

Been especially diggin on the prospect of winter riding but unfortunately all i’ve got right now is 4 months of beautiful weather to deal with. Selah.

Also, Chicagorillas, bicycles are now allowed on Metra (sort of). This is huge, so go ride. Take Metra somewhere. Be nice. Help build bicycle goodwill on public transportation. As far as road goodwill goes… well, better to assert your rights than take it deep just to make friends on the road. Enough for now. Gotta look busy for another 45 minutes so’s i can go home and enjoy a ride. Damn bikes ain’t gonna ride themselves.

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