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ted | bike | Sunday, May 8th, 2005

I bought The Girl a bike Friday afternoon, so now we can go on rides. She on her 2004 Giant Cypress, me on my late 1970s Raleigh Grand Prix. The phone auction went well, and i’ve funneled the profits from that into parts for my steamroller – a project bike built up from the remnants of my 2001 Gary Fisher Tassajara. It was stolen off David and Chris‘ front porch back in the heady summer of 2002. By some odd twist of fate, i wound up getting the frame back. Some guy saw it laying in a ditch and picked it up. It still had the Georgia Tech Police Department registration sticker on it, so he called them and they emailed me. Every single component on it was wrecked. EVERYTHING. I hauled that frame around for a couple years. Fast forward to 2005.

It’s getting a rigid cromoly steel fork and a singlespeed conversion kit, both from fleabay. All i need to do now is strip, clean, prime & paint the frame (going from its 2001 Gary Fisher Tassajara regalia to Johnny Cash black), then get a bottom bracket, front chainring, pedals, brake cable (i bought some Nashbar brakes on sale last year), chain, seatpost, seat, tubes, tires, blinky lights & grips.

Mein Bruder gave me a japanese-made steel frame (manufactured for Puck) and i’m eventually gonna build that up as a fixed gear. Alls i need for that are handlebars, tape, a front brake, seat, bottom bracket, crank arms, chainring, chain, better wheels w/flip-flop rear hub, cogs, tubes, tires, pedals & blinky lights.

Got my work cut out for me.

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