ted | chicago | Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Man, I have some great friends. Not only did one of y’all come a thousand miles to spend most of your time riding around in the back of my car, but a bunch of y’all got together for an expensive dinner, gave us presents and otherwise had a fantastic time. So, thank you: Scawt & Leighanthrax, Megan & Carleton; The Family Pants, Chris, Mrs. Hattendorf, Dar & Jeff.

Big props to Chris for flying in to hang out and for having a rude Old Fashioned recipe.

The birthday beer turned out very nice as well and will improve considerably with some age in the keg. I think I could have added a couple more ounces of hops to this IPA without making it too hoppy, if such a thing is possible.

Despite US Scareways’ best efforts, my lady FINALLY made it out to Santa Barbara for her conference. If they cause the same delays in bringing her back, I will gladly drive straight down there to retrieve her and ship the biggest flaming box of dogshit to us scareways. POSTAGE DUE! HAH.

Chris and I were mesmerized by this video.

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