Back in the saddle again

ted | bike | Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

It’s been TOO FUCKING LONG – quite literally months – since I have ridden a bicycle. The problem with my previous bike ride/carpool action was 1. it got really cold and the folder is not equipped with studded tires; 2. the Damn Ryan has been reconfigured such that there isn’t a good good/convienent/nearby spot for us to meet; and 3. K- has been working earlier/later hours due to a different project he’s on.

But last Friday night, I rode my singlespeed up to the Beat Kitchen to see Mexican Cheerleader play their last show in a while. In a thunderstorm. At night.

Went down turning from Archer onto Damen – took the turn too fast and the no-name Performance Bike 26 x 1.5″ city tires slipped out on a manhole cover (thunderstorm, remember?). But as per usual, I got up, brushed the gravel out of my calf & arm, walked it off for half a block and rode the rest of the way. Nice.

I was a bit sore Sunday at Scott & Leighanne’s for Fawn’s baby un-shower, but a bracingly cold lake, lots of beer and gin & tonics took care of that.

Today, I went to a seminar that Autodesk put on downtown, just over 10 miles from home. Rode the same bike leisurely, took just over an hour what with all the stops and dodging CTA buses and whatnot.


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