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ted | driving | Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

…to the garage.

My wife and I just got a 2000 NB TDI to compliment our 2006 Golf TDI. That’s hers on the left, mine on the right.

Car is originally from Arizona and has been here for less than a year. After some SERIOUS interior cleaning by us, a tank of fresh ULSD-B11 with a big dose of Stanadyne and a boatload of work by JasonTDI Sunday (TB/serp belts & ancillaries, intake/EGR cleaning, figuring out there were not one but TWO TDC marks on the flywheel, new round of filters, Amsoil Euro, fresh G12, tightening all the loose axle flange bolts, replacing the AC compressor bolt that was hanging by two threads, plugging in the reverse light switch and perhaps a hundred other minor fixes) the car is almost right as rain and drives MUCH better than before.

All was not skittles & beer, however – we had a little run-in with a guardrail near Janesville, Wisconsin in a horrible snowstorm on the way up.

VERDAMMT! At least it’s all contained to plastic – nobody was hurt altho the two of us were both shaken & stirred. Lesson learned: the stock Michelins are complete crap in snow and the Wisconsin DOT ain’t too swift with the salt & plows.

Next on the agenda, after a front corner painting, is another round of interior cleaning, brake fluid flush & bleeding, intercooler repair (chafed from the plastic bumper) and an engine washing.

Mostly, if you’ve got a VW or a TDI and you’re within 5 hours of Madison, Wisconsin, TALK TO JASON. He’s fast, he’s talented, he knows these cars inside and out and he’s an all around nice guy. Tell him Chicago Ted sent you. And always, always, always bring your mechanic beer.

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