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ted | bike | Friday, November 10th, 2006

Started out this morning with a shitty commute.

No, really. I stepped in a big wet steaming pile of dog crap this morning and didn’t notice until two pedal revolutions down the road, as I had smashed most of it into the pedal on my bike. Not only is there disgusting smelly sticky dog shit on my shoe, but it’s smashed into all the crevices of the pedal as well. Each revolution of the pedals only forced it in further.

Dog doodoo is slick, too. Makes it easy for your shoe to slip off the pedal. The shoe and pedal that are practically covered in canine excrement.

Toss in a 20 mph headwind and having too many smokes the night before with it being 20°F colder than the day before and it makes for a bad start to the day.

But all was not lost. I still made it to my rezendevous point in 20 minutes flat. Found a newspaper to clean up what I could on the pedal and then wrap it in so as not to transfer said effluvent to Kevin’s trunk. My commuting shoes are plastic, so it was trivial to walk off most of what was still smashed onto my shoe in the clover next to the sidewalk.

And best of all – while waiting for Kevin’s Honda to round the corner, I made a friend.
my morning commute friend

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