LG VX4400 up on eBay

ted | junk | Wednesday, April 27th, 2005


Seriously, it’s in good shape, comes with a new aftermarket battery, car charger, original home charger & futuredial usb to serial cable for use with bitpim to put ringers/pix/phone numbers on or backup what you have.

If you choose the shovel, turn to page 38

ted | junk | Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

A wiser feller than myself once said there’s two things you can do when you see a big steamy pile of shit coming your way.

1. Put on a bib and get a spoon.


2. Put on work gloves and get a shovel.

How to get to Milwaukee: take a left at the Virgin Mary, then another 90 minutes west on I-94

ted | junk | Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

A salt stain on the concrete wall of the Fullerton Ave. underpass (under I-90/94, the Kennedy for y’all in the know) allegedly looks like the Virgin Mary. I’ve already got pix of the robomary hauled around on a Semi trailer.

CHECKIT. Whatchoo think?

It is worth noting that this is just down the road from the White Hen where Zach De La Rocha works (just east of Western on Fullerton).

Things I have learned on the drive to work, part 1

ted | driving | Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

Goddamn that’s a big dump truck.

Installation notes: qmail-scanner

ted | computer | Monday, April 11th, 2005

Not everything about the QMR bundle works like gangbusters on my box – i can’t get qmail-scanner to work on its own. It works with the test_installation.sh script, but not any other time.

Anybody else got a slackware box and got this jammy runnin? Drop me the postmaster a line. Email addy shouldn’t be too hard to figure out – postmaster – and this domain – sammich dot org.


ted | junk | Monday, April 11th, 2005

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Installation notes: qmail

ted | computer | Tuesday, April 5th, 2005

Due to my el cheapo DSL, i kept getting more and more bounced email because i have a dynamic IP (everydns.net keeps us rockin till the wheels fall off). If your ISP blocks outgoing port 25 (and sbc does block outgoing port 25), you need to send your email through your ISP’s smtp host.

Running qmail? You need to patch it. Go here, download, rebuild, enjoy. Spread the love, as it took me a long while to locate this information.

Also, having just upgraded my plain vanilla qmail installation with the bundle of patches and action from qmailrocks, i can say it is far less painful than installing it manually, but it (can) install a bunch of stuff you i don’t need.

Things I have learned on the drive home from work, part 1

ted | driving | Monday, April 4th, 2005

A late-model Nissan Maxima on fire will create a plume of smoke visible for miles.

It may have been an Altima. Regardless, it will snarl traffic for a long distance.

i will not write about current events.

ted | junk | Friday, April 1st, 2005

i will not write about current events.
i will not write about current events.
i will not write about current events.
i will not write about current events.
i will not write about current events.
i will not write about current events.
i will not write about current events.
i will not write about current events.
i will not write about current events.
i will not write about current events.

By and large, the so-called “web logs” are full of half-cocked senseless whining, sentence fragments pounded out by illiterate 14 year olds, camwhores and bitter jackasses. There are some out there with actual interesting things to day, complete and well-explicated ideas and generally a good read.

What passes for “news” in this country does not a good read make.

Sorry, folks, but i won’t be talking about that zombie in Florida or the brown folks the government is bombing in the middle east or the simpering chimpanzee in D.C. or the zombie with the funny hat in Italy. Other people can and have written about this stuff more eloquently than i.

“The news” rarely has any actual information in it these days. It’s ads for the new pharmaceutical truck, the new hot artist whose CD you’ll buy because they declare it so, boner medicine, enlistment propaganda, zero calorie lard (may cause your kidneys to explode), oh and some trivia about what happened in other countries. No me gusta mierda.

Poop spelled backwards is poop. Quit being afraid of everything. You shouldn’t feel bad for having a good time. There is no god. Policemen, priests, congressmen, parents or bosses do not know what is best for you.

i got a lot to talk about – just got a sewing machine. My motorcycle and car need repair. The Girl and i are refinishing the oak trim in the living room. My kick-ass recipe for black beans is coming to fruition. Burritos. Airplanes. Beer. Trains. Coffee. Vacation. Oranges. Box wine. Zombies. Diesel. Bourbon. Gravel. Music. Dal.

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